Mid-Month Check-In

On April 1st, I realized waking up at 6 AM every single morning is not an achievable goal for me.

April 1st was also was the last day of the circus show and I returned home after midnight. I wasn’t out celebrating; I was helping break down all of the sets, resetting the space we had rented, and putting everything into trucks. I decided, on the way home, that it would not be kind to myself to set my alarm for 6 in the morning, and so I set it for 10.

That same day, I started working on flexibility (a subject that deserves its very own post, so I won’t go into too much detail here). On Monday–the first day of my new job and also the first day of more circus classes–I learned I simultaneously have too little energy to work on flexibility after class, and too much energy to climb into bed by 10:30. Because it was a work night, I did set my alarm for 6 the following morning, but it got me thinking that there are going to be at least two days each week where hitting my goal of being in bed by 10:30 is going to be prohibitively difficult for me. So, I changed my goals again:

  • complete one at-home bodyweight workout each week
  • work on flexibility 5 days a week
  • be in bed by midnight each night
  • wake up at 6 am Sunday through Friday

In the past I would have considered myself a failure, and I probably would have given up as soon as that first day.

This month, I noted the sticking points in my original plan and adjusted for reality. As a result, I have stuck with it for nearly two weeks.


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