The First Learn

Two weeks in, I’m forced to admit that juggling three major goals is not something I’m capable of at the moment.

The State of My Life Right Now

On March 4th, I was asked to be part of a circus show, which will debut at the end of this month. I have twice-weekly rehearsals leading up to the show, followed by twice-weekly performances through April 1st.

Also on March 4th, a friend and I started working on a video project that involves quite a bit of research and requires me to learn a few new skills. I’m super excited about it, and will elaborate in a future post.

Five days later, I accepted a job offer from a company I’m really excited to work for. Since then, I’ve been navigating the stress of tendering my resignation and managing the very unexpected emotional fallout of leaving a company I’ve been with for the past five years.

I’m currently on day five of a seven-day work week.

Two days ago, I caught a cold.

Resetting Expectations

Of course, I’m not about to let any of the above stop me from moving forward with my plan. I’m just going to start moving forward a little differently.

Instead of focusing on all three major goals at once, I’m going to focus on one at a time:

  • By the end of March, I will have built a viable exercise routine.
  • In April, I will focus on fixing sleep.

2 thoughts on “The First Learn

  1. This sounds like a reasonable plan. I’m feeling some of the same feelings of being overwhelmed by all of the grand plans I’ve made for myself. But i hope you remember that these challenges are a direct easily of how incredibly awesome you are. #SUPERYOU


    1. Thank you.

      It’s hard not to feel frustrated when confronted with my inability to keep moving full steam ahead as soon as life gets in the way takes a few turns I hadn’t planned for.

      I really appreciate knowing that someone I love and respect also feels overwhelmed by their own grand plans sometimes, and I will never say no to words of encouragement; they’re one of my favorite things to give & receive.


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